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3d Freerun Game - reach the red cube

If you get stuck press "n" for new map

(Keyboard&Mouse&Headphones recommended)

if you like , please tweet about it , or you know , do your thing

Review :







new assets (building bits) + controller support

control for the controller (from the 360 controller) are :

LB for run , A for jump , start for restart


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City-1.1-Linuxx86x64.zip 18 MB
City-1.1-Osxx86x64.zip 18 MB
City-1.1-Winx86x64.zip 46 MB
GenCity-Linux-x86_64-freshBuild(5.6.2f1).zip 20 MB


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I uhh… dont know how to play the game

I figured out... I uh... got the Linux version instead of windows


I really wanted this game to be good but instead it would load and my guy would be forever spinning idk if you fix this I migh try it again 

Same here. Literally unplayable.

sorry , i didnt see your comment sooner , can you tel me what os you re playing on ? do you have some sort of software like motionjoy , or a controller with a buggy deadzone ?

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.......idk. its a fun game i guess?

Awesome game... spent 2 hours playing it :P lol its a great game

thank you for playing it and your kind comment ! i'm happy you like it .


Nice game! Do you have an algorithm to determine if the objective can be reached by the player?


no , there is the possibility that you cant reach it , but the scene reset is fast enough so it is not like there is a loading time .


thanks :)

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This game seems like a cool concept, but it needs larger buildings, more parkour movement, and a better way to tell people what they can do.  Being able to see an element, like a railing or ledge, highlighted showing that you can grab it would be extremely cool.  Also some sort of first person feedback (HUD, arms swinging, notifications etc.) would help people understand what you are currently doing.  I love procedural type games and I wish I could see more stuff like this.  If you could figure out a way to blend more city esque elements that would make the game look much cooler as well.  There should also be more physics type stuff, jumping at an angle on sloped surface, running along walls, vaulting, and you shouldnt bounce after pressing space once while in the air.

So sad. The linux version only supports qwerty. Looks super cool however.

View always moving to the top left. Can't control looking around.

i m not sure what you mean , is it a problem with a azerty keyboard ?

no, it's probably due to one of the recent windows updates. Lots of games have been reporting issues with the mouse since.

there is error: spawn unknown, but in the error log is correct var set, and suddently,spawn is UNKNOWN there is the log:


2018-01-31 @ 18:47:52.231] [launch] itch 23.6.1 launching game 26744: GenerativeCityFreeRun
[2018-01-31 @ 18:47:52.232] [launch] looking for manifest @ "C:\Users\MAREK\AppData\Roaming\itch\apps\GenerativeCityFreeRun\.itch.toml"
[2018-01-31 @ 18:47:52.268] [launch] No manifest found (no '.itch.toml' file in top-level directory). Proceeding with heuristics.
[2018-01-31 @ 18:47:52.268] [launch] launching prepare for native
[2018-01-31 @ 18:47:52.269] [prepare/native] launching windows-prereqs
[2018-01-31 @ 18:47:52.271] [windows-prereqs] no manifest, nothing to do
[2018-01-31 @ 18:47:52.277] [launch/native] cave location: "appdata/GenerativeCityFreeRun"
[2018-01-31 @ 18:47:52.278] [launch/native] no manifest action picked
[2018-01-31 @ 18:47:52.278] [launch/poker] initial candidate set: [
    "path": "City-1.1-Winx86x64/City.exe",
    "weight": 0,
    "depth": 0,
    "score": 0
[2018-01-31 @ 18:47:52.295] [launch/poker] candidates after poking: [
    "path": "City-1.1-Winx86x64/City.exe",
    "weight": 20823040,
    "depth": 2,
    "score": 100
[2018-01-31 @ 18:47:52.296] [launch/poker] candidates after sorting: [
    "path": "City-1.1-Winx86x64/City.exe",
    "weight": 20823040,
    "depth": 2,
    "score": 100
[2018-01-31 @ 18:47:52.296] [launch/native] executing 'C:\Users\MAREK\AppData\Roaming\itch\apps\GenerativeCityFreeRun\City-1.1-Winx86x64\City.exe' on 'windows' with args ''
[2018-01-31 @ 18:47:52.296] [launch/native] no app isolation
[2018-01-31 @ 18:47:52.296] [launch/native] spawn command: "C:\Users\MAREK\AppData\Roaming\itch\apps\GenerativeCityFreeRun\City-1.1-Winx86x64\City.exe"
[2018-01-31 @ 18:47:52.297] [launch/native] working directory: C:\Users\MAREK\AppData\Roaming\itch\apps\GenerativeCityFreeRun\City-1.1-Winx86x64
[2018-01-31 @ 18:47:52.319] [launch/native] command: C:\Users\MAREK\AppData\Roaming\itch\apps\GenerativeCityFreeRun\City-1.1-Winx86x64\City.exe
[2018-01-31 @ 18:47:52.320] [launch/native] args: []
[2018-01-31 @ 18:47:52.320] [launch/native] env keys: [
[2018-01-31 @ 18:47:53.212] [launch] error while launching 8817dc36-5fc6-4923-9f90-d8aa7240c9af: spawn UNKNOWN
[2018-01-31 @ 18:47:53.215] [launch] crashed with spawn UNKNOWN
[2018-01-31 @ 18:47:53.215] [launch] spawn UNKNOWN
[2018-01-31 @ 18:47:53.216] [diego] diego here, looking around
Caption                    OSArchitecture  Version     
Microsoft Windows 10 Home  32bit        10.0.16299  

Caption                           MaxClockSpeed  Name                                
x64 Family 16 Model 6 Stepping 3  3200           AMD Athlon(tm) II X2 260 Processor  

ATI Radeon HD 4250  

diego out

is this a recurring error or did it just happened once ?

its recuring

i think you re running a 64 bit app , and your system is 32 bit

 yes im baybe doing it, my system is 32 bit.

But is there some 32  bit version ?

no , sorry ,i think this build is supposed to work with both 32 and 64 bit , i m not sure why it s not working 

some other reviews 

some other reviews

really enjoyed that just relaxed and hopped off a few buildings great fun here is my playthrough 

Thanks for the video man , indeed the slope makes it difficult to jump from the roofs . also i did sometimes use the automatic colliders for simple geometry , but most of the time i made a simplified version to save ressources . Funny thing is you ve played through the same map and never changed . the idea behind the game is that the red cube is getting difficult to find because it spawns at random (exept for the startup). Cheers 2purpleswitchs!

cool really liked it didnt know about the red box didnt understand from the instructions

no worries , you play it however you want , i also like to just visit the architecture , the generative aspect of the city is a reward by itself in my opinion , it creates unique spaces that i love to take the time to observe .


likewise its immersive value is an end in itself 

i recommend at more parkour elements like climbing.

Hi everybody , i didnt came here for a wile , i am seeing a lot of recent comment and i m happy you guys enjoyed it , i'm taking notes on your suggestions , and start to thing about what is actually feasible (1 man team) . I m thinking about rework a bit on this project now that my programming s improved a bit .

Thanks you all.

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You should make this into a kind of Mirror's Edge style game, but completely randomly generated - by that I mean add NPCs of some kind, or a parkour move like wall running to make the game a little more fun than "Hey, this is a cool little thing!" :)

Heys! I did a YouTube video on this game.

Amazing game, but i feel you should tweak the placement algorithm because there were aloooooot of instances where buildings were placed inside other buildings.... 
Oh and somehiow, i manged to glitch through a wall into a building and was stuck there lol

Btw, i loved the "Controls" in the little notepad file, had me laughing for a while xD

Commented on your video , Thanks man it s a blast watching people play a game i made with my little student hands .

I made a review of this game, so if you want to read it:


thanks man , great review . actually theses weird houses are the reason i love randomness :)

As i commented , i thinking about restarting developing  . Cheers


The caracter jumps on its own simethimes and there is no tutorial or any kind of objective it is actually pretty bad.

its really good, not many games generate a whole city

Actually there is a "tutorial" of sorts in the download files about the controls and how to change them if you want, and the objective is just to find the red box. Not too complicated it's not meant to be.


Thanks! nice one

Can we please have away to change the sound of the checkpoint whatever it is?

I have a horrible headache and I only played for 8 minutes.

I've enjoyed this game an awful lot. The minimalist colour-palette does a great job in abstracting the environment to facilitate path-finding, and the way the city-generator tends to throw buildings into each other produces some mesmerising results.

This is a really great proof-of-concept.

Some minor gripes / polish issues:

  • The FOV feels tiny, which probably isn't a problem in itself, but since the game relies heavily on one's navigation skill, a higher one could improve gameplay a lot.
  • It feels like there's no proper debouncing on the jump, which can be frustrating. On the other hand, I might just be rubbish at platforming.
  • Lots of Z-fighting, which is probably due to randomness. I'm unsure if giving the single pieces tiny offsets wouldn't fix that problem without causing new ones. It's weirdly atmospheric, tho.

"the way the city-generator tends to throw buildings into each other produces some mesmerising results"     :      THANK YOU ! 

otherwise , i used the simple first person controller included in unity at that time , and it s performing really bad when you run/walk a slop and jump , also when you press jump while in the air , then land . "Z-fighting" is entirely due to randomness you re right , i m not sure i could test on this at that time , the way i programmed it . Thank you on you great comment ! Cheers Markus  


i really love this game but REALLY i need color i played for like 50 minutes now and i want colors xD or something that is chasing you? or something like that? it would be fun an endless game where something is following you and you need to find the red cube before that something finds you. and maybe after each level there are going to be more things that chase you? How about like the first level is without "enemies", the second one is with 1, after that with 2 ......or maybe even that it could be that 2 enemies can be replaced with something that is faster or something like that. the normal enemies count 1 and can only walk and not climb, 2 can climb and 3 can fly? i would LOVE that and i wrote toooooooo much sry xD


*just noticed how hard it would be to make them follow you and not run against walls....*

I think this will be like a scary game but  it'll  be good ................ and any ways the game is good ......... but god thinking tho

I'm running Manjaro 17.0.2, and when I start I just get a black void. Any solutions for that?

i m sorry , I m not even sure what Manjaro is. I ll guess it s Linux distribution ? 

Have you tired any other unity games ?Or is this the only unity game that doesn't work? 

So i ve cheked this page and it only talks about Ubuntu so i guess the version i used to build at that time , even if older , was only aimed at Ubuntu too . Sorry Comrad , it seems that you wont be able to play Unity games , and the problem is not specific to my game .


I've been able to run other unity games like ravenfield beta 5 and the library of babble fine. But, if you can't compile or aim for other platforms, that's fine. Best of luck in your career. 

Nope the only options are x86 or x86_64 or both. I can try a built on the version of Unity i m using right now (5.6.2f1) if you want. 

Is x86_64 fine for you ?

x86_64 would be fine. As long as it runs well.

Hey! I'm on Arch (which is sort-of related to Manjaro), and it seems that there's something weird with the fidelity-settings.

It should be running fine as long as you don't set it to "Beautiful" or "Fantastic".

Has great potential!

I had a pretty good time playing this! But I will say that it is missing some core mechanics! Wall jumping, and wall running would make it flow a bit better! Also if there was some sort of time trial to make it feel more accomplished when finding the red block! 

Thanks for the video man , it was fun watching you play ! And to see your reactions , also you made some good moves ! 


very good 

what  do  i  do

you do what ever you feel like doing  , or you can just press the "n" key forever 

very good