A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

This is a not game , just me working on generative vertical architecture , there will be no further dev on this project , i am just uploading it for my portfolio (#OldWork)

Thank you for your understanding

"n" for new map , "0"(numerical keypad)  for return to seed 0 , you can try to reach the top , not possible on all seeds , but seed 19 is possible for exemple , Post screenshots with the seed visible once you reach the top !


ToTheSky_Win.zip 15 MB
ToTheSky_Mac.app.zip 18 MB
ToTheSky_Linux.zip 34 MB


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Hey, it would be cool if you release all your projects also on Mac, because I'd like to try them :)

alright , I ll take note on that and I ll try to do it in January . Thanks for your interest . Cheers YoSoyUri !

Cool! :D

Hey Bro , i ve uploaded To the Sky mac and linux version if you want to try 

it ll take a bit more time for the others , cheers man 

Thanks :)

You're welcome! I m almost finished uploading the last files ! Cheers