A downloadable game for macOS and Linux

EDIT - Keyboard&Mouse Control added 

EDIT - repaired the last level bug , and added "enemy" 

While talking with a friend we came to talk about Descent and how great it was , i then wanted to experiment around this talk/game , no up or down .

i did this in 3 days also as a test on my attention span . 

you cant die , the controls are hard except if you switch to easy control with the Select key on the controller 

there is no ennemies , shooting is useless 

you just have to collect the orbs 

there is 3 levels only , double joystick controller only (dev with a ps3 controller)

wont be major updates , it was just to pass the time 

developed on a i7 2.2ghz laptop 8gig ram , gt750M

all the textures are from different free texture websites such as textures.com , freepbr.com , poliigon.com

THERE IS A README FILE for the controls , and you ll need it 


README.txt 662 bytes
ZeroGDescent-Win.zip 111 MB
ZeroGDescent-Linux.zip 24 MB
ZeroGDescent-Mac.zip 127 MB


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Is it possible to play without controller, i.e. only using keyboard&mouse?

actually no,  it is impossible  all the controls are based on the fact that you use the analog buttons of the controller so you put just a little pressure or dont put the joystick all the way . I will have to think more about it to make it controllable by keyboard , but i dont know when i will do this . i will have to experiment . and i ll let you know 

Thank you!

i added keyboard and mouse controls

it s far from being as fine as the ps3 controller style . take a look at the readme file 

Tried keyboard/mouse controls. Nothing works besides the shooting :/

are you using a qwerty or another keyboard ?